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G1 is a HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) case launched in 2011 by Jonsbo. This is a full-featured product developed by Jonsbo’s professional R&D team with nearly five years development and efforts. It fulfills almost all the wants of HTPC fans, such as: ultrashort length 351mm; front-panel SATA harddisk hot-swapping; full specifications hardware supported, volume control knob, intellectual temperature monitoring (LCD Version), front-panel USB and audio interface, adjustable-speed silent fans, exclusive cooling channel for HTPC, full case in black, etc... If you are a HTPC fans, we believe that its designs and functionalities are those you want. The materials used for making this product are solid and firm, all the metal parts of the case, even the tiny PCI cover, are made from 0.8MM SECC steel. The lower part of the front panel is made from 0.8MM wiredrawing anode aluminum materials, and the upper part is made from comparatively more expensive transparent acrylic materials. However, not all the components are made from luxurious materials, Jonsbo will not use any flashy components which cannot improve the product quality, functionality and the sense of beauty. For example, no expensive color packaging materials are used; EPE foam have not been used, instead K=A materials with thickened Polylon are used for case protection. Therefore, users do not need to pay over a thousand dollar as other similar product. Is our price very attractive? Start to enjoy your happiness experience by choosing our products.