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1. There are many praises for Jonsbo V6 after launched, and many people are asking for releasing an aluminum plaque version of
    V6. To respond to the request, here we introduce V6+, an aluminum plaque front panel. Except changing to use anod
    wiredrawing aluminum plaque front panel, nothing has been changed. For users who are worrying about heat dissipation, we
    have tested with many different hardware and found that the heat dissipation condition is pretty good, the different between V6+
    and V6 is generally 1 to 2 degree Celsius, even in stress testing the temperature does not exceed 5 degree Celsius. There is no
    much different for the temperatures because there are still cooling channels at top and bottom, no matter heat air blowing off
    from PSU or cool air coming in from bottom, there are enough spaces for air to pass through.

2. For the design of ITX case, the most challenge thing to the manufacturer is how to make it with high compatibility and good heat
    dissipation in such a small space. The design concept of V6+ is coming from it, V6+ can support mostly 4 x 3.5HDDs, with the
    principle of sharing space, V6+ can also support dual PCI slots display card with 200mm length. In addition, there is a huge 14cm
    fan in rear to let the case with very good heat dissipation improvement.

3. The metal parts in V6+ are small and exquisite, but not simple. The entire product is made by mature molding punching, there
    are 11 parts and 51 sets of mold, the investment is not less than any traditional tower case. By use of some new compressed
    and reinforced crafts, it is not only the structure of the case is highly strengthened, but also the controlling of the gap is very
    preciously, it has already transcended many high end products in the industry.