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      UMX series are fully made from aluminum magnesium Alloy, with Jonsbo team’s accumulated experience of wiredrawing anode surface processing craft from many years, the design style goes on with the sense of simplicity, simple streamline and strong metallic.By using outer aluminum and inner steel with innovative structural joining technology, it perfectly fuse the strong structure and good appearance of the product. Hidden cooling channels on the bottom show you the charm of endlessly innovative industrial design.
      In the end of 2015, fully tempered glass used in automobile industry is used for making the transparent side panel of UMX series cases. In addition to provide wide-angle display for illuminated hardware, fully tempered glass brings an unexpected solution for isolating noise and resonance.
      UMX4 is the fourth new generation flagship product launched by Jonsbo in the end of 2015, in addition to the developing theme of supporting ATX motherboard specification, it gives consideration toboth traditional air coolersand separated type water coolers which enthusiastic DIYers like to use. As the upgrade model of the first generation UMX2 case,it has been optimized in many aspects. The primary change of thinking in design is that UMX4 is no longer sacrificing the functionality of the case in order tolet it have a more beautiful appearance. By usinglarge ventilation holes on the top, it provides more reasonable cooling effect; by optimizing the process design, it overcomes the destruction of sense of beautycaused by the ventilation holes. No matter what kind of high-end display card, CPU and independent cooling channel for other hardware, UMX4 provides much reasonable optimized scheme.Besides, the newly added elements, fully tempered glass used in automobile industry, brings users a better experience in hardware display and noise isolation. We believe that UMX4 can not only provide enthusiastic DIYersmore reasonable multi-azimuth experience of play, but also bring normal users long time stability and good visual perception.